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Power Folding Mirrors

September 14, 2020 at 7:24am

The T30 in Australia was introduced with many "standard" features available on T30 models overseas missing from ours.
One item in particular was Power Folding Mirrors.

A feature of our Xtrails however is that a good 90% or more of the wiring was installed for all the options and equipment available across the global range of Xtrails and this easily facilitates the fitment of options not installed as standard by Nissan in Australia.

All I had to do was source a replacement control switch and the power folding motors from overseas. Luckily there was a member on the Xtrail-UK forum who is also a "breaker" selling off parts. So I contacted him and he shipped over the parts I required.

A weekend spent removing and dismantling my mirrors, installing the folding motors, then reassembling and reinstalling and success.

Handy function for 4WDing to fold the passenger mirror getting through a tight spot instead of reaching across the passenger's seat or for easily getting in and out of the garage :)

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Replacement of most Underbody Bushes

February 1, 2018 at 12:15pm

Replaced the underbody bushes
- bushes and links for the rear sway bar
- rear parallel and trailing arms and bushes
- bushes and links for the front sway bar
- front transfer arm with bushes and ball joints.
Also replaced the power belt and tensioner.

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Aircon compressor replacement

February 16, 2016 at 2:58am

After 12 years the aircon compressor had finally had enough. Got the system tested when it failed to blow any bit of cool air and the compressor had failed.

Well with compressors being around $1600 from the dealer and around $1100+shipping from Amayama I decided to see if anyone in Aus either reconditioned aircon compressors or sold reconditioned ones as a swap.

Bingo !
Found a company in Rockhampton which sold reconditioned and new compressors. Sent them an enquiry and got the reply "Sorry no reconditioned compressors for your model but we have new ones for $485 shipped to Sydney"
So I checked they were a direct bolt-on replacement with same mounting points, pipe fittings and clutch-pulley. It was.
The guy there, Steven, knows all the Xtrail models, making sure mine was a T30 and explaining it was the same compressor in the Series 1 and Series 2 but for the T31 there were 3 different compressor models.

So when the compressor arrived 2 days later I checked it with the old one and yes, exactly the same.
The aircon place fitted it no hassle, $300 for regas, new O-rings and labour.

Very happy I now have cold air and no fogging of the windows in wet weather but most importantly the greatest price around for a new aircon compressor with 12 month/20,000kms warranty :o)

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Update on work done

November 20, 2014 at 8:47pm

It's been a while and I should update where I am at with work on the Xtrail.

It is getting on in years (11 now) so expectedly there has been some replacements needed to keep it running.

I finished the replacement of the rear engine mount and a DIY can be found on the forum for both.

The transfer pinion rear bearing and seal was also replaced, done by a diff-rebuilding 4WD shop after I removed the transfer pinion assembly from the Xtrail. Easy enough to do after dropping the tailshaft. A DIY for this should be on the forum also.

There was the steering knuckle joint which had one axis freeze too. There is not a DIY as such for this on the forum but the thread I posted trying to determine what was the problem causing my steering problems has pics and an explaination of how to replace it.

Last to be done was replacing all 4 struts with KYB gas and both front driveshafts. DIYs for these will be on the forum soon.

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Front Engine Mount Replacement

April 16, 2013 at 2:02am

Found the time (and dry weather) to get the front engine mount replaced last weekend. This is the start of fixing the transfer case seal and bearings.

Easy enough to support the engine/transmission with a jack while removing the centre member 6 bolts to drop it down and replace the front engine mount. This was necessary as the engine mount bolt closest to the engine cannot be reached with a socket from above and a ring spanner does not have a long enough handle to get the force onto it required to undo the bolt from underneath.

I'll post a DIY for both the front and rear engine mount replacements, with pics, once the rear is completed.

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