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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Genuine Nissan Nudge Bar (Piece of Crap)

So now it has happened to me!! I’ve been unfortunate enough to have my exy backed into by my cousins Mazda Bravo over the weekend. No major damage that I can see except for the Nudge being pushed back into the bumper and a few grazes.

The number plate ended up with a wack, but with some delicate hammering by Silvia it is almost back to new.

Am still contemplating claiming insurance however my cousin has been in quite a few accidents in the past and this one would just add another black cross to his name.

I’ve attempted to do a bit of a fix myself, and doesn’t look to bad. Here are a few pics of the before:

Left side view:


Large gouge in plastic:


Pushed in upper mount:


Cracked bonnet protector:


Right side view:


Here is a pic of the exy with nudge and grill removed, how ugly:


Here is a pic of the nudge removed:


I’m amazed at how cheap and nasty the Genuine Nissan Nudge Bar actually is after removing it from the exy and having a close look at it.

The plastic even holds water. So while I had it removed I also drilled a few holes on the bottom to allow for better drainage.

Here is a pic of the holes drilled (sorry about the chrome on the concrete Jalal) :


Now the amazing part I noticed is the mounts!!! Held on by a total of 6 bolts. 2 on the bottom section on each side, and 1 on the upper section on each side. The bolts also quite small, 13mm hex heads x 25mm long.

The bottom mounts are not too bad and bolt to the chassis using an “L” shaped bracket.

Pic of the bottom mounts:


The two on the left in this pic bolts to the chassis. The one on the right bolts to the plastic part of the nudge. Sorry couldn’t get the second bolt in this pic, but it is there.

The top mount is what I’m really appalled about. Have a look at this pic:

Pic of the top mount (from behind the grill):


Held on by a flimsy piece of steel. What is this suppose to protect???????? No wonder the mounts at the top ended up going into the bumper. This also caused quite a number of stress cracks in the paintwork of the bumper.

So the only way to straighten the nudge back vertical was by using some spacers.

Pic of the spacers:


And here is a pic of the straightened nudge:


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2003 X-trail, TI, Manual, (Series 1) - (with the works)
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: Genuine Nissan Nudge Bar (Piece of Crap)

Hi Noel,

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident.

This the first time I see the other side of the Nissan nudge and the way it’s fitted and this also the first time I see it taken off an exy.

The thing that worries me about the fitting points of the factory Nissan nudge is the weak points it uses to attach to the body of the car.

The 6 small bolts can only bare so much impact and I think that is why you see that most exys fitted with this nudge get their front bumper damaged so easily, because it sits right on top of the bumper and instead of providing the needed protection, it actually magnifies the impact and sends it through to the rest of the bumper.

I think it is poorly designed and may provide a false sense of security to drivers thinking it would save them from a particular type of impact when it’s not. The bulky look from the outside is also somewhat deceiving.

I know there is a difference between a nudge and a bull bar, where the bull bar is designed for greater impact absorption.

The aftermarket nudges are designed to sit further from the bumper (like mine and the ARB ones for example) and this is where they come in very handy at the point of impact, as they do not affect the bumper (unless the impact is too strong) and the brackets that they’re attached to are easily replaceable (if and when damaged)

In your unfortunate case, the nudge has caused damage to the bumper as well as the edge of your bonnet when the nudge got lifted up.

Anyway, I hope everything has been fixed now through your “panel-beating” hobby and it’s lucky that the damage was limited to what you had in some way.

Note One: I usually get pretty mad when I see chrome treated like this, but in your case, I’ll forgive you LOL emoticon looking after that chrome was the last thing on your mind.

Note Two: That spacer would be better changed to something made out of rubber, as this one will eat and scratch through your paint with time and movement.

Last edited by jalalski, 13/Jun/2005, 10:50 pm


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